• Presidential Scholars & Mentors Program: PSSN will help to educate a new generation of Scholars with the capacity to advance understanding of the humanistic and social dimensions of mind, brain, and behavior. The program sponsors interdisciplinary training and research collaboration for recent doctoral graduates from the arts, humanities or social science disciplines, and from neuroscience and related fields, who have proposed innovative research projects.  More about the Scholars Program =>


  • Collaborative Seed Funding for Research: PSSN awards annual seed grants to support Columbia and Barnard faculty for research or teaching that either involves direct collaboration between faculty members in neuroscience and other disciplines, or that crosses disciplinary boundaries to investigate issues relevant to both neuroscience and society. More about the Research =>


  • Public and Scholarly Outreach Events: PSSN organizes a scholarly speaker series, Seminars in Society and Neuroscience, as well as two annual public outreach events on cross-disciplinary topics complementary to the research of Scholars and grant recipients.
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