2016 Seed Grants Awarded

Four Presidential Scholars Seed Grants were awarded to Columbia University faculty members for Interdisciplinary Projects in Society and Neuroscience. This year’s grants will support new and innovative research collaborations in the areas of neuroscience and social psychology, economics, early childhood development, psychiatry, and art.  Our 2016 Seed Grant recipients are:

Christopher Blattman (International and Political Affairs and Political Science), Johannes Haushofer (Psychology), Suresh Naidu (Economics and International and Public Affairs), Pietro Ortoleva (Economics), and Lauren Young (Political Science); Proposal Title: Fear of Violence, Productivity, and Economic Disparities

William Fifer (Pediatrics and Psychiatry) and Virginia Rauh (Population and Family Health); Proposal Title: Neonatal EEG as Biomarkers for Later ASD and Neurodevelopmental Disorder Risk

Daphna Shohamy (Psychology), Eric Kandel (Neuroscience) and Celia Durkin (Art History);Proposal Title: Form as Concept: Levels of Mental Construal Involved in Processing Abstract Art

Lawrence Yang (Epidemiology), Kevin Ochsner (Psychology) and Julie Spicer (Behavioral Medicine); Proposal Title: Examining Neural Correlates of Stigma in the Clinical High Risk State for Psychosis: Integrating Neuroscience and Public Health Approaches for Mental Illness Stigma


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