Presidential Scholars Arrive on Campus

The Presidential Scholars in Society and Neuroscience program welcomes its first cohort of Presidential Scholars. The three incoming postdoctoral scholars were selected from a pool of nearly 100 applicants from a variety of backgrounds and fields of research based on their comprehensive, multidisciplinary knowledge and novel research proposals. The selection process was a cross-disciplinary effort, with 35 faculty members participating in the proposal review and candidate interviews from the Faculty of Arts & Sciences, Columbia University Medical Center, Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute, School of Journalism, School for International and Public Affairs, New York State Psychiatric Institute, and Barnard College. It is our pleasure to introduce you to our 2015 Scholars:scholars_presidential_society_neuroscience_PSSN_2015

David Barack, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Pennsylvania; PhD (2014) Duke University, Philosophy of Neuroscience and Decision Making Theory
Proposal Title: Information Foraging and Inference

Ann-Sophie Barwich, Postdoctoral Fellow, Konrad Lorenz Institute for Evolution and Cognition Research, Vienna; PhD (2013) University of Exeter, Philosophy and History of Science
Proposal Title: From the Air to the Brain: Laboratory Routines in Olfaction

Andrew Goldman, PhD Candidate, University of Cambridge; PhD (2015), University of Cambridge, Music Cognition
Proposal Title: Towards a More Musicologically Informed Cognitive Neuroscience of Improvisation

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