Barbara Tversky

Barbara Tversky is a cognitive psychologist, trained mostly at the University of Michigan, with post-docs at Stanford and Oregon. She taught for many years at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and even more years at Stanford, where she is still somewhat active as Emerita Professor of Psychology. She is currently a professor of psychology and education at Columbia Teachers College (and a visiting professor at Malardalen University, Sweden). Her work on memory, categorization, spatial language and thinking, event perception and cognition, diagrammatic reasoning, sketching, design, creativity, visual communication, and gesture has taken her to welcome collaborations with neuroscientists, linguists, philosophers, architects, designers, artists, musicians, as well as computer scientists and domain scientists of many varieties. She has served on many editorial boards, governing boards, and conference committees, both national and international, and is a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the Cognitive Science Society, the Association for Psychological Sciences, the Society of Experimental Psychology and more. She will preside over the Association for Psychological Sciences in 2018-19.