Interdisciplinary Research

Columbia University has a long and rich history of research in mind, brain, and behavior. As researchers get closer to decoding the neural underpinnings of how people think, learn, remember, and make decisions, it becomes increasingly important to examine the conceptual assumptions that support this knowledge, and to weigh neuroscientific discoveries against the social, ethical, political, and legal concerns that arise from them.

An extraordinary opportunity exists to capitalize on Columbia’s broad base of world-class experts in the arts, humanities, and social sciences to advance research and understanding of the social foundations and consequences of new findings from neuroscience. In order to facilitate collaboration within the University community, the Presidential Scholars program provides funding for interdisciplinary research.

Seed Grants for Interdisciplinary Projects in Society and Neuroscience fund faculty-led pilot research and other initiatives at the intersection of neuroscience and the arts, humanities, or the social sciences. The program makes an effort to support novel, innovative, and collaborative interdisciplinary projects unlikely to be supported by more traditional funding sources. Up to five seed grants are awarded each year to Columbia University faculty and affiliates.