Matteo Farinella

Matteo Farinella is a neuroscientist and cartoonist who studies the use of comics and other visual narratives in science communication. Working with science journalists, educators, and cognitive neuroscientists, he aims to understand how these tools may affect the public perception of science and increase scientific literacy. He received a PhD in neuroscience from University College London in 2013. 

Matteo is the author of two graphic novels and a children's book: The Senses (Nobrow, 2017), Neurocomic (Nobrow, 2013), and Cervellopoli (Editoriale Scienza 2017). He has worked with universities and educational institutions around the world to make science more accessible. His illustrations won the NSF Science Visualization Challenge (2015), and have been featured in exhibitions such as the Society of Illustrators Comics and Cartoon Art Annual Exhibition (2015) and STEAM Within the Panels at the AAAS Art Gallery (2017). After completing the PSSN program in 2019, Matteo has returned to work as a full-time science communicator. 

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Project Title: Visual Narratives for Science Communication

Marguerite Holloway, Associate Professor of Professional Practice in the Faculty of Journalism; Co-Director, MA Science Journalism Program, Columbia University

Barbara Tversky, Professor of Psychology and Education, Teachers College