Raphael Gerraty

Raphael Gerraty is a neuroscientist interested in computational and philosophical models of representation in the brain. He received his PhD in psychology at Columbia in 2018, where he researched the role of large-scale brain network dynamics in reward learning. His work explores whether and how our brains might make use of probability to represent uncertainty. He is developing artificial neural network models of our visual system that use probabilistic inference to solve object recognition tasks. In parallel, he is working towards an interdisciplinary framework for thinking about neural representation, with a particular focus on the representation of uncertainty. Raphael completed the PSSN program in 2021 and joined Cohen Veterans Bioscience as a senior data analyst. 

Project Title

Uncertainty in Brains, Minds, and Machines: Using Philosophy and Deep Neural Networks to Understand Probabilistic Perceptual Representation

John Morrison
Associate Professor of Philosophy, Barnard College

Nikolaus Kriegeskorte
Professor of Psychology, Columbia University; Principal Investigator and Director of Cognitive Imaging, Zuckerman Institute

Philosophy of Psychology (PHIL UN3654)
Barnard College, Spring 2020