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Growing Up in Science - Daphna Shohamy's Unofficial Story

May 16, 2019
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
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Jerome L. Greene Science Center, 3227 Broadway, New York, NY 10027 (L8-084)

From robots to humans, the ability to learn from experience turns a rigid response system into a flexible, adaptive one. What are the neurobiological and cognitive mechanisms that allow everyday experiences to change the way we perceive, act, and make decisions? Daphna Shohamy’s research explores how different parts of the brain work together to support learning, what this means for how memories are built, and what the consequences are for how we make decisions. 

Daphna Shohamy, Professor of Psychology, Columbia University; Principal Investigator, Zuckerman Institute

Growing Up in Science is a seminar series initiated at NYU by Drs. Wei Ji Ma and Cristina Alberini in 2014. The speakers of this series do not talk about their science; they talk about the human side of becoming and being a scientist. They share their successes as well as the struggles, weaknesses, detours, and failures.

This seminar is part of the Growing Up in Science seminar series, organized by the Zuckerman Institute and the Columbia University Postdoctoral Society. For questions about this or future seminars, please contact series organizers Bianca Jones MarlinChiara Bertipaglia, or Rainer Engelken.