Presidential Scholars Research Symposium

Presidential Scholars Research Symposium - David Barack

Videos from the event

  1. SPEAKER: David Barack, 2015 Presidential Scholar
    • RESPONDENT: Christopher Peacocke (Philosophy)
    • RESPONDENT: Daniel Salzman (Neuroscience)
    • RESPONDENT: Michael Woodford (Economics)
  2. SPEAKER: Ann-Sophie Barwich, 2015 Presidential Scholar
    • RESPONDENT: Stuart Firestein (Biological Sciences)
    • RESPONDENT: Christopher Peacocke (Philosophy)
  3. SPEAKER: Andrew Goldman, 2015 Presidential Scholar
    • RESPONDENT: Daphna Shohamy (Psychology)
    • RESPONDENT: Paul Sajda (Biomedical Engineering)

Event information

February 13, 2017, Faculty House, Columbia University

This event includes presentations from our 2015 Presidential Scholars in Society and Neuroscience and their mentors, who discuss their current cross-disciplinary research and findings. The Research Symposium provides a platform for the Presidential Scholars to demonstrate what interdisciplinary research looks like in practice.

Moderated by Pamela Smith, Seth Low Professor of History, Director of the Center for Science and Society, Columbia University.